Design producer for Embacy

We are Embacy — a global design agency focusing on tech companies and digital products, with more than 200 projects accomplished for clients from 36 countries from Australia to California and from Norway to South Africa. We aim to become leading design professionals on a global scale. To achieve this, it is crucial for us to uphold and enhance our high standards of project management. That is why we are looking for a design producer who excels in marketing, branding, and web development. We expect - Your English is confident and fluent, which is crucial, as 90% of our clients are English-speaking. - If you have at least 1 year of experience in project management, with a focus on design, it would be preferable. - You can swiftly grasp client's business after just a few meetings. - You have a genuine passion for design and digital products. - You are familiar with marketing processes in the field of digital products. You’ll do - Take full responsibility for project management, including tasks and timeline management, project documentation, and coordination with both freelancers and the in-house team. - The role also includes being responsible for the logic side behind branding and web pages. This involves working with sitemaps, copyrighting, and wireframes. - Responsibilities include overseeing the web production process and providing consultation as needed. - Participate in sales and project planning processes. You’ll get - Projects focused in the field of IT, digital-products and start-ups. - 2 projects in parallel, sprint-based time material. - Remote, in GMT+3, from 10:30 to 19:30. - Salary set in USD. - Every Friday is dedicated to education and skills improvement. - Figma, Framer, Notion, Slack, GoogleMeet, and Gmail. ### If you’re interested please complete the form below and let’s get in touch.
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