Welcome to Commotion, the best way to add forms to Notion

Hi there!

August 24, 2021

Hello! Welcome to our site! I'm Y Ahn (you can call me Yawn), and we're here to present to you Commotion! Commotion came about because we are huge, huge Notion fans since like day one. Both for personal and business, Notion is our go to note taking tool. It's just so clean and simple!

But Notion lacked one glaring thing... Forms! We've used Notion, like everybody, for simple web pages for job listings, about us, etc., but always had to use other tools like Airtable or Google Sheets to hack together an input form that we could plug in. Ugh. With the Notion API freshly out for us to use, this was the first thing we wanted to build.

Creating forms are super simple. Just create the database in a Notion page, and go to Commotion and connect to your Notion account. From there, we create forms based on the database columns, and you can tweak it and such, and then embed it into another Notion page. Now, when people fill out the form, responses will be automatically saved into the Notion database. It just works!

We created this to be as simple as possible, scratching our own itch. We're free to use (very important for us, freemium is the best), and you can upgrade for a basket of extra features should you ever feel like it. But you can create as many forms with as many responses as you like for as long as you like forever! So give us a try!