Manage youremail list with Notion

Use your Notion database to store your contacts and bulk send personalized emails with our mail merge tools.

Populate your emails with data

Commotion has powerful mail merge tools that allow you to take data from your Notion page and insert it into your email.


Control who to email with filters

Send emails to your contacts based on the info you have on them. For example, you can send emails to only those with a .edu email, or if you have a newsletter, only to those that are marked as subscribed.


Record who and what you've emailed

After every email, you can automatically save information to the contact. For example, if sending an onboarding email, we can mark that they've been onboarded in the Notion page.


Deep integrations with our forms

Automatically send emails to form fillers based on their responses. Learn more about forms here.

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